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Moral Foundations Questionnaire.

When you decide whether something is right or wrong, or when you agree or disagree; to what extent are the following considerations relevant to your thinking?


Please answer on a scale from.

Whether or not someone stayed true to their own heart.
Whether or not someone was able to control themselves in all situations.
Whether or not someone was deceptive.
The world would be a better place if we all just loved each other more.
People should put the needs of their community ahead of their own needs.
A person should always tell the truth even when it might do more harm than good.
If you see someone having an emotional breakdown, how do you react?
If your parents argue with you and you see they are too decomposed, do you consider their emotional stability? for example: if they are under a lot of stress.
If you meet someone with a mental health problem, do you get scared and discriminate that person?

Thanks for filling the survey

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